Do you know anyone suffering from Infostress?

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“Infostress” has become the latest problem in today’s tech savvy world and is a description of how a left brain overload is being caused through excessive use of technology and the growing need to acquire information. It is a term used for the mounting fear and anxiety when we find ourselves cut off from our smart phones or from social network sites OR conversely when we use these I.T. devises to excess.
As a practitioner working in “whole brain sciences” (integration of left/right brain function) we see that the main problem that comes with excessive Beta stimulation is that the brain goes into overload which then causes the general adaption system (G.A.S.) of the body to work overtime. This not only causes mental stress but also puts pressure on our central nervous system and the organs of the body used in “fight or flight”. Our bodies were designed to predominately be functioning in and synchronised with the Alpha brain wave pattern giving our bodies time to regenerate after periods of fight/flight however this does not happen if we continually overload our systems with more and more new information. The solution will only come through balancing the right creative hemisphere of the brain, by understanding where this fear of separation originates and in trusting that we do not need all this information for survival.
To correct this we will need to use modalities that teach us how to use our whole brain.
Lowering our brain wave patterns not only quietens our mind so we are able to make rational decisions but this state of consciousness is also the key to making decisions using the wisdom of our emotional intelligence and intuitive spiritual intelligence.
Holistequine Equine Assisted Life Coaching works with horses in programs called “Whole Body Intelligence” to integrate left and right brain function.


About holistequine

I am a Naturopath and Metaphysician having spent the past 20 years researching animal/human communication and learning how the animals can help us reconnect to our own Unconditional Love. Our programs for Equine Assisted Life Coaching challenge the limited view we have of ourselves and through the Spirit of the horse we open up to our inner potential, inner power and our passion for life.
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