“Walking the Talk” ……. Trusting our Higher Self

2 day Workshop October 27th & 28th

“Walking the talk” …….  Trusting our Higher Self communication to provide the tools for the Transition.

The Holistequine October and November workshops will lead us into our December Event. ‘Awakening to the Devine Feminine”  

“We will work with the energy of this full Sagit­tar­ius moon in Taurus which is a total lunar eclipse. The eso­teric sym­bol­ism of the total lunar eclipse is that the form, or the phys­i­cal, emo­tional and lower mind, is eclipsed by the light of the Sun, the Soul, or True Self”.

November 24th & 25th ……….Walking our truth to create a new reality

If our life is not going to plan it is often because we are unknowingly sabotaging our efforts with old programs and beliefs from the past……..our Holistequine life coaching horse “reads” this “information” sitting in our subconscious mind, and as we too then see it as “energy” we stop taking it personally and easily clear it…..we then just need is to be shown how to develop good communication skills, the basis for all successful relationships.

 When we appreciate that about 90% of the way we interact with others is through NON verbal communication then it is obvious we need to find better tools if we want to be happy. This especially applies to relationships between men and women, here our horses teach us to respect the differences between the male and female brain and we learn to detach from our emotions.

Without realising it we are all sensitive to these non verbal “cues” from others, for example we may “feel” anger or frustration coming across from someone but because it sits unexpressed within their “energy field”  and they may be “saying” something else we confused and don’t know how to deal with it

This subconscious language includes facial expressions, tone of voice, posture etc and represents the true feeling, intention and sincerity of a person i.e. the cues we really respond to…believing not so much with what people say.

When we introduce these new skills ourselves we are then on the front foot to avoid confrontation, we know what the other person is really communicating and as a result we build better relationships generally.

The Holistequine horses show us that the key to success is to balance the head with the heart, logic with unconditional love

It is not always easy to “say what we mean and mean what we say”, to be 100% confident that what we “want to get across” is going to be “heard” by others in a positive way and not misinterpreted as something else. Conflicts arise because we all “interpret” words differently through our own personal emotional filters.

Horses are masters of non verbal communication; they need these skills to survive. They demonstrate clearly how we too can trust this new way of “walking our higher truth”, feeling safe in the knowledge that we have “expressed ourselves” with the right amount of love AND authority….knowing that we have imparted our needs through our new internal Self worth and that our point of view is respected.

Our problem goes as we clean our own “emotional slate” and learn to communicate through our right brain. This Higher Self OR intuitive brain that IS NON verbal communication has taken stock of the big picture and gets its point across after taking into account everyone’s highest good. She is then able to speaks her truth through the powerful energy field of “who she is”

In our November workshop the horses go on to show us how to balance our internal masculine and feminine energy and how in doing this we can communicate with our own Spirit and begin to create our own reality.


Cost………..I day $150.00, 2 day $275 (lunch provided)

Private sessions also available

www.holistequine.com or Ph 07 5442 5353 Mob 0434 314 811


About holistequine

I am a Naturopath and Metaphysician having spent the past 20 years researching animal/human communication and learning how the animals can help us reconnect to our own Unconditional Love. Our programs for Equine Assisted Life Coaching challenge the limited view we have of ourselves and through the Spirit of the horse we open up to our inner potential, inner power and our passion for life.
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