The Tools for Self trust

 Harnessing the effects of the Libra full moon in Aries………Sept 30th

 Under this influence we tune in to a different frequency. “Where we let go of things that are not working and move into creating solutions that will ultimately help to co-create our new Reality”

 “Running from one end of the see-saw to the other to get the balance between Spirit and Matter”

 Full Moon conjunct Uranus …………shining light into unexpected corners. Time to haul out our patience and tolerance because we’ll probably need them in the aftermath of this tumultuous lunation!………………….“Are your one-on-one relationships fair and equitable? Is compromise an integral part of them? Do you treat one another with respect? Seventh house relationships included all committed relationships such as business partners, lifelong best friends, counsellors or open enemies/worthy adversaries. If any of those relationships come up short, we may be in the process of ending these too”

 However to enjoy successful relationships it all begins with the relationship we have with ourselves AND IF OUR EGO COMES UP SHORT BY LIVING IN FEAR AND CONTROL THEN IT TOO MUST END!!

This “local’ Astrological interpretation to me ties in with the Mayan end times and also with the last 2 full moons which were about aligning the 2 Selves as ONE…..integration the lower self into the higher Self…..releasing the emotions into Unconditional Love.

We will only be able to walk this new reality with these 2 aligned and we will be tested every day as our insights get more subtle.

The emotional and unconditional love that we seemingly only shared with family and close friends we now will share with the world in the human family. As the vibration of the Earth is raised and we too raise our personal vibration then we will (as mentioned above) need to let go of those relationships/people that “come up short”

Women hold the Magnetic Earth energy while the males hold the Electro Heaven energy (this is both symbolised in “as above so below” and internally and externally. In other words how we treat our external “male” is a mirror of our own inner unconditional Love and vice versa ……………….the relationship we have with ourselves is the relationship we have with ALL there is No separation

“Our rebirth into Light always requires the redemption of the lower self by the Higher. It is the ~Journey Home~”


When we say Self trust which Self are we referring to?

The ego is dying

As the heart chakra opens we will release all the pain lodged in our genetic line or DNA, all the negative programming that like a blanket we have worn over us and are now trying to lift off. We have been doing a journey on the planet to see how to do things by “seeing how NOT to do them”………… discover the light through our perceived darkness. This is all now lifting and the challenge will not be in dying but in living our potential as death has merely been another vibration or entity to work through…a way off the planet as our spirit gets weary

If we look at the 2 polarities as heaven/earth, male female, electro/magnetic then we see that as the internal ‘war” rages it has also been projected externally too. As Universal beings we were all connected in higher consciousness by unconditional love however as we descended into a 3rd dimensional reality to explore yin/yang elements we had SEPARATION.

There has been much anger and misunderstanding between the masculine and feminine, men and women…………………..SHE felt abandoned and HE felt abandoned and the pain was shared by all

We are now going BACK into our original state of consciousness and the wounds are healing

Over the past few weeks we have gained an understanding of how our duality affects our interaction with others and how there appeared to be a separation between our higher and lower self. As we became aware of this we then ask the question…which self will we trust for the future the earth based self who judges it’s self by human standards as it seemingly fumbles it’s way on life’s path as it learns OR the higher intuitive self waiting in the higher dimensions to guide us? The answer is BOTH because as we heal the Earth Self we become ONE with our higher Self. As we open ourselves to this new energy by osmosis we evolve

The major breakthrough for me these past few weeks is to see what merging the duality means in real terms…..The Mother (human and Earth) loves her children regardless however BOTH now have to see the need to overcome the part that spits and bites and evolve that part of our nature into unconditional Love…she can no longer wear the rose coloured glasses.

Awakening means that as we take off these glasses we will see more and more of what needs to be done. The challenge is not to keep going back into judgement and self blame of not good enough……that’s just our ego still wanting to be centre of attention

There IS only one state of being and that is unconditional Love and we have come to Earth to overcome our ego/ human nature by bringing both “selves” into alignment with the cosmic/ Universal principals.

The end times will mean SHE can no longer tolerate anger, guilt, etc in fact all emotions ideally are being transformed into Unconditional love by this incoming energy. There will be NO more projecting our own failing onto others…the love will become SO great that we no longer feel a need to blame and hurt others….we TRUST in our higher SELF enough to know we are safe

We embody Self Trust when our Higher Self is in the driver’s seat being guided by our logical left brain or earth based self in the passenger’s seat. Both will command equal respect and equal input on our new path ahead….this also represents the journey of males and females… complement each other as EQUAL opposites

This incoming energy is set to align these 2 aspects of “Self” and will build until we reach “end time” when we will have the handing over to the Devine feminine and be guided by Universal knowledge

“Heaven on Earth”

For those of us willing to work with this energy the integration of these 2 realities should be relatively easy and I have already had a glimpse of what to expect once the hand over takes place. We will live in harmony with the earth and because we have each worked so hard to raise our vibration to align with the cosmos we will each be guided to our individual roles in this new Earth policy.

Holistequine Equine Assisted Life Coaching (a variation of Equine Assisted therapy) works with horses to raise the vibration so as to “awaken” our highest potential


About holistequine

I am a Naturopath and Metaphysician having spent the past 20 years researching animal/human communication and learning how the animals can help us reconnect to our own Unconditional Love. Our programs for Equine Assisted Life Coaching challenge the limited view we have of ourselves and through the Spirit of the horse we open up to our inner potential, inner power and our passion for life.
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