Claiming India…………the jewel in the crown!

Feedback since Prince and 11-11-11

We had a magical day on Friday 11-11-11. As we experienced the beautiful light energy it felt like another part of my heart opened and that anything was possible…………we were on a spiritual high.

I believe that the purpose of this spiritual journey is to balance all our human dualistic polarities and the one thing that it has shown me along the way is that to balance the “heaven” energy we need to go “back” to “earth”….this was revealed 7 days after 11-11…that as electro-magnetic beings we have to take responsibility and integrate the “electro” up through our 2 magnetic/earth lower chakras into our Solar Plexus and heart……A place where we “shine” with love…and that we do this by merging this electro unconditional loving energy up through our “lower nature” through the “mirrors” that are our animals……….a representation of our own animal self.

We merge the spiritual energy coming down through our higher centres with the unconditional love of our “lower” human/animal journey.

Claiming my “heaven energy” through my geldings was always easier than coming face to face with a reflection of “me” in my mare, India

We find it easy to claim our “good” side but harder to love our “dark/bad” side. Subconsciously we have been conditioned to deny the part of us “that spits and bites”

I guess over the years as society became more politically correct it was better to hide these aspects of ourselves too

On Monday the 21-11-11 I was about to do the “mirror” journey of Prince to claim the “sleeping beauty” earth element. By mare India came charging out of her stables when all the horses bolted, something that rarely happens as they are usually all so calm. As I walked closer I noticed a nasty gash down her side. I raced to the house to call the Vet. and to get her head collar and lead rope. On closer inspection she had a deep wound about 16 inches through all the muscle layers with a huge flap of skin hanging.

I waited with India as my husband went to see where she had caught herself and fix the problem (as husbands do), however upon his return as he walked up to me I promptly fainted.!!.

I one moment I had come face to face with all the “emotions” that was masking my pure unconditional love for India.

People who know Holistequine know that India came to us a “gift” 3 days after my Mother died about 17 years ago; she was an abandoned foal who had been left on her own in a paddock for 4 months of her then 9 month life. She was a survivor but had carried issues of abandonment and always seemed “angry” (see the symbology here for our own collective human journey).

 As we developed our children and adult programs many were drawn to India’s spirit especially the teenage girls who loved her “attitude”. Unfortunately though the fact she was able to express herself and speak her truth also labelled her a bitch and over time without realising it I guess I had removed her from the spotlight, not wanting criticism and blame…….AND I was now being shown that I had done the same thing myself. The other side of India also was the fact that she was the most amazing “Mother” to any horse or foal that was integrated into the herd…..but she ran the herd with an iron fist…..

India had had a bad accident as a 2 year old where we did not think she would survive the night. On this occasion too as I became emotional……..she showed me “trust in intuition” ………. she was detached and knew exactly what she needed to do and what to eat to heal her wounds…another “lesson” I had not paid attention to enough!!!!

My mentor always said that as a practitioner “one cannot be emotional AND functional” and my lesson here was that to ground unconditional love we must let go of our emotions. And as India trusted me and stood perfectly still I realised that nothing could be more grounding than giving a horse I.V. and I.M. injections twice daily

We gain empowerment by internalising our lessons in life.

7 days after this “accident” I gained the final insight into my shadow side to see why India needed to get my attention. Because I had not claimed her gift I now needed to spend time with her/mirror myself, taking her out of the property to get fresh herbs to heal and so on. Doing things together to strengthen and heal ourselves spiritually……. in doing this the very fragile element of this childlike vibration I had neglected for SO long can ground itself and feel safe



About holistequine

I am a Naturopath and Metaphysician having spent the past 20 years researching animal/human communication and learning how the animals can help us reconnect to our own Unconditional Love. Our programs for Equine Assisted Life Coaching challenge the limited view we have of ourselves and through the Spirit of the horse we open up to our inner potential, inner power and our passion for life.
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