11-11-11 the “Harmonic Unification of Gaia Day”………… An understanding of this event through my pony Ruby

The 11-11-11 event represents the Harmonic Unification of Gaia Day and is the trilogy to the Harmonic Convergence (1987) and the Harmonic Concordance of 2003 and provides the energy for us all to “accelerate and embrace our Divine Co-creative powers”…………….or, in other words to “walk our talk”
The Universe provides clues to guide us through life…………..these “clues” come as symbols and important dates, special portals in time which hold the energy to change our evolutionary blueprint.
As we begin to understand the symbols and mirrors that help us navigate life we see that if we gain knowledge of “who we are” as spiritual beings then our journey becomes clear
This important 11-11 event holds the key to understanding the meaning of Unification, the merging of the little ego “I” with our higher Self, big “I”, the merging into ONE consciousness. However in order to ground this consciousness it will not just be through an ego, left brain understanding but it will also be a heartfelt right brain experience…………….and our horses are here to help us with this transition.
A move to Noosa has been a long held ambition and symbolically it represents a new beginning a new “heaven on earth”
We had seen a property 2 years ago that although both my husband and I intuitively “felt right about” it was not one that I would have chosen aesthetically because we would have to start from scratch with facilities for the Holistequine programs but it was obviously meant to be ours AND it was my husband’s vision to create it………………….. and I would trust in that.
In the next two years I saw it was about “lessons”…..the main one being detachment, that for me “heaven” is not a place, a destination or something outside of yourself but “heaven” is a vibration, the place you create in your heart and goes with you wherever you go.
The weekend we went to sign the contract we were also told of another property, closer to town, beautiful land, great aspect and horse facilities, ideal for my business but the house was a nightmare and when we went into the house a “darkness” descended. I could also sense my husband’s spirit sink and as I my ego got more excited about the great horse facilities I saw he was shrivelling.
That night I was in a dilemma, torn between my ego, wanting one property while my higher self was guiding us to another when suddenly thinking about living in that house my head started to spin and I felt quite ill and, feeling out of control I tried not to panic.
With an understanding that everything is energy I KNEW THAT if I was able to comprehend why this was happened I would be able to release it. Then I saw that this experience was the embodiment of a deep collective fear.
Insight through Ruby…………..
A few days ago a student was booked in for a lesson and because Sonney was waiting to come into the yard I knew he would be facilitating that day, as I opened the gate Ruby my little pony also raced through seemingly in a hurry to follow. She displayed unusual behaviour during the lessons constantly running after Sonney all around the yard while Sonney and the student were going through their exercises.
Although Ruby was purchased as part of our children’s programs over the years she has taught me valuable lessons about ME, not having children myself she has been a perfect mirror and a reflection of me as a wilful, determined, challenging child. We grow up only remembering our “angel” side but Ruby became a reflection of my little “devil”……a side in all of us that society labels as “bad”, a side which Ruby has taught me to love equally.
After Julie, my student had left I had some great insights through Ruby, initially thinking Ruby was there for Julie only………big mistake!! (its often easier to project mirrors onto others, making you think it’s always the other person’s problem)!!!
Ever since the incident in Noosa where I went into panic with my body “spinning out “from “fear” I have not felt really 100%. ……………….. it has been like having a some sort of demon living deep inside by body causing me to feel quite off. Later after my student left I went and reflected on Ruby and I saw that Ruby, as a traumatised pony was a mirror of ME as a child and that like her I had been carrying a fear ever since.
It was fear of my father who was quite emotionally abusive and because to me, as a little child he represented God I had been carrying a deep distrust ever since. Because our parents become “God” and we rely on them for our very survival we only ever know an earth bound version of God/Higher Intelligence and because of this we only see life through our little “I” and have no reference point for the bigger picture or higher self “I”. …………………My little “I” had NO reference point for trusting my Big “I”……….WE WERE SEPARATE INDENTITIES
Everyone in the house was frightened of Dad’s mood swings, always on a knife’s edge. I did not realise how the resonance of this was buried in my subconscious and how it was still affecting me but through Ruby I was able to see the other side of the coin, that I was probably a very testing child!!!!
I saw how these early experiences had been integrated into my emotions and how I ONLY interpreted life from my ego centric perspective as the frightened child, giving me a distorted perception of myself as a victim.
I was then able to reassess it all and saw the bigger picture, that there was only ONE energy and Dad had always been coming from unconditional love but because of his own “baggage” his traumatised soul too could not show it.
Anyway it was a very powerful insight and as everything balanced up I could feel the “rotten” energy leave my body and amazingly I felt better, all the discomfort and headiness gone.
Because of this subconscious distrust I had not wanted to plan our move north or make any effort to pack etc but this has also changed!!……….incredible stuff!!!!.
We know that these amazing connections with our horses work to initiate powerful changes to our energy fields because later that day I made enquiries into organising transport for my horses……….I was able to move on.
Initially our move north symbolised a “heaven on earth”, transition but the thought of following my ego path and buying the second house instead had mirrored “hell”.
I then realised that Hell is merely a state of being that we experience when we are not following our Higher guidance. Ruby had shown me that fear is real and deeply embedded in us all but when I could turn that fear into faith in my Self..I HAD UNIFICATION

This morning I was guided to spend some time with India, a horse who was an abandoned foal that I had picked up from a vacant property some 18 years ago.
India represents the adult version of Ruby always the loving Mother but because of her survival mentality she was also considered a “bitch”.
I went to her today with a feeling of total love but she wouldn’t do what I asked her to…………. in that instant she showed me that unconditional love was only one half of the equation that in order to achieve a result I also needed a high level of energy and commitment to mirror her level of determination………..I needed to Unify the Love with the commitment/energy to DO
“Unification” and the 11-11-11- event to me means…………….. the Unification of the little ego I with the Universal I …………a marrying of Unconditional Love with Earthly COMMITMENT and that my role in this is to align the evolutionary blueprint of our beautiful Equine companions with their equally beautiful human ……. ……………and to listen to what our horses (and all our animals) are here to teach us


About holistequine

I am a Naturopath and Metaphysician having spent the past 20 years researching animal/human communication and learning how the animals can help us reconnect to our own Unconditional Love. Our programs for Equine Assisted Life Coaching challenge the limited view we have of ourselves and through the Spirit of the horse we open up to our inner potential, inner power and our passion for life.
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