Thanks guys

Two beautiful souls who came as individuals and left as twin flames

Feedback…….Holistequine Workshop 22.10.2011………

I have taken back my spark in life.

The weekend was an enlightening and re-energising experience for both of us. I feel as though I have gained so much from the sessions and workshop.  A new, deeper than ever before feeling of peace and contentment in myself

The holist equine weekend was an enjoyable spiritual experience for me.  I have found the key for a door into a part of my spirit I knew existed but was not convinced of yet.  Simple exercises with Sunny first, Ruby, India and others that helped me learn a far easier way to link or connect my spirit with the spirit of the horse, [first couple of times you use parts of your IQ to assist you but its not found in total intelligence its found in a change to your EQ that’s of greater effect, this power that if you have no preconceived ideas in your head or ego you can bring about a change of consciousness about yourself through our equine friends that is amazing.  I also saw this take place in my partner and everybody present that we all received heightened energy levels because we somehow reached a new state which was elevating and found a next level of spirit within.  I found that even though I had experience in this area I needed to see that it was real to bring about changes to your spirit.  Conversations/advice from Veronica was like reading pages out of our own lives sometimes and we have found a new friends and relationships in our experience here on this planet. 

The Saturday things where new, on Sunday we had a private session with India and a couple’s session.  I found my missing link in where my life needed to head.  In terms of thoughts behind and bad communication skills.  I also found where in life (by the mirroring effect) where the energy needed to be. Putting this into practise was even more challenging again to maintain.  After the enlightening day before I knew I lacked ascertain in my life so I found it and my whole energy field was different.  I had no fears and I was assertive in love. As much as I loved this experience couldn’t wait to go back and have ESP with my horses because once they felt my new spirit things would change and it did.

Put on the spot about how I viewed myself which was quiet daunting but I worked through it and the more good I saw about myself the more confidence increased to be more head strong/ spirit strong and changes came about to my field or aura. Sunny taught me patience at first it also showed me that if I didn’t commit or try no result. But I had to place that energy into being more assertive without being aggressive.  Eventually in my spirit changed. I began to use contact by energy it began to change and the horse responds to my now change in energy by us being in one field.  This is also done by unblocking any ideas about yourself you have, you change the field by replaced energy and thought through your charka points to your heart where you have extra love through projection, or ESP sense. After unblocking your problems the horse sees your tops and can be closer to you.


I felt when I got home with horses

ESP each one All different

Saxony –alpha mare, I projected to go to Karen as I was about 15 feet away observing in the metazoan, she looked at me focused on my new spirit and walked to me just on ESP

Play was instantly walking up even from some distance, though I was semi focusing on another, she was proud of me like she knew I’ve increased in power.

Hope was in total alpha grazing, not even seemingly aware of us, I had to get close to her to get her to sense me and she instantly did and walked towards me, Karen saw this.

Playgirl was a bit distant, she had to see my feminie energy release to come and than loved this new energy.

Justice instantly first to come extra sensitive

Command loved it and wanted to follow me around

Love also when I linked with him came also and was a direct obvious display of assertion & liked it, he has steadily being stronger and it’s directly resulted in my increase of awareness/ mirror.

Faith has also found a bond an inner strength, she was frustrated with is now more confident more all round and has a new awareness to herself.

Praise is always ready to please but has an easier going nature but gets her settling (anxiety) when I’m settled also and in control, not so competitive.

Spirit is out there she is bolder than ever giving us an indication of how our spirit has expanded and our new energy reflected her power within and she loved our new power over life.

Rumba after battling anger and negative emotions I decided to put it to the universe/god and was lead to the horses but only had need to see Rumba, feeding him I released the negative energy and while he was eating we linked energy and I knew he likes his dinner so I ask through ESP that he walk to me, when I put my focus on releasing it we engaged so I thanked him, he said no worries and he came to me.





About holistequine

I am a Naturopath and Metaphysician having spent the past 20 years researching animal/human communication and learning how the animals can help us reconnect to our own Unconditional Love. Our programs for Equine Assisted Life Coaching challenge the limited view we have of ourselves and through the Spirit of the horse we open up to our inner potential, inner power and our passion for life.
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