How do I gain my horse’s trust?

Riding Bitless

Riding Bitless

 How do I get my horse to trust me?
To gain reciprocal trust and for my horse to have peace of mind I must be “aware” or “conscious” at all times
“Being conscious” means that when we are out riding (or even working on the ground) horse and rider must both be on the same “wave length” and both be equally alert when danger presents. This is the same state of awareness or instinct we see in nature when birds and animals all take off together at the same time when danger presents.A state of “consciousness” plays out on the physical level as sharp REFLEXES……..the more conscious and aware we are the more heightened our reflexes become…………..and we are then “on the same page” an equally alert state where our horse trusts us completely.
How do we fine tune our reflexes and achieve this state of awareness?
To be “aware” and ride with one mind we must use our left and right brain simultaneously and become “whole brained”
Science now tells us that men and women’s brains function differently (a finding that factors significantly in the Holistequine W.B.I. training programs). It tells us that the “male” brain has a greater capacity to focus while the female brain is more peripheral and is better at multitasking……….both complement each other, are equally important and both are essential to the whole.
However unless women can unite these two (brain) functions and learn to focus more strongly OUR HORSE will see the female brain as fragmented, distracted and therefore ineffective…we need the combined function (or energy) of both sides of the brain to be empowered and therefore to have the respect of our horse.
With a simple understanding of how our brain works and some simple exercises we can begin to correct any confusion and distrust between horse and rider and most importantly when we have whole brain intelligence we can feel safe knowing that our reflexes will match our horses at all times.A horse will not give us respect unless it is earned, until he/she sees that we have the balance between our logic and our intuition, the head and the heart………until there is unity within our own minds there can be no unity with the minds of others

Holistequine offers workshops and sessions in Equine Assisted life Coaching and Practitioner training in Holistis Horsemanship and on line Equine Assisted Life Coaching (Equine Assisted Therapy)

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Do you know anyone suffering from Infostress?

ponies grooming

“Infostress” has become the latest problem in today’s tech savvy world and is a description of how a left brain overload is being caused through excessive use of technology and the growing need to acquire information. It is a term used for the mounting fear and anxiety when we find ourselves cut off from our smart phones or from social network sites OR conversely when we use these I.T. devises to excess.
As a practitioner working in “whole brain sciences” (integration of left/right brain function) we see that the main problem that comes with excessive Beta stimulation is that the brain goes into overload which then causes the general adaption system (G.A.S.) of the body to work overtime. This not only causes mental stress but also puts pressure on our central nervous system and the organs of the body used in “fight or flight”. Our bodies were designed to predominately be functioning in and synchronised with the Alpha brain wave pattern giving our bodies time to regenerate after periods of fight/flight however this does not happen if we continually overload our systems with more and more new information. The solution will only come through balancing the right creative hemisphere of the brain, by understanding where this fear of separation originates and in trusting that we do not need all this information for survival.
To correct this we will need to use modalities that teach us how to use our whole brain.
Lowering our brain wave patterns not only quietens our mind so we are able to make rational decisions but this state of consciousness is also the key to making decisions using the wisdom of our emotional intelligence and intuitive spiritual intelligence.
Holistequine Equine Assisted Life Coaching works with horses in programs called “Whole Body Intelligence” to integrate left and right brain function.

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2013 and beyond…………Awakening to SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE

ChakrapersonMy insights over the past few days and weeks have been profound
20-12-2012 marks the end of the Mayan calendar and a handing over of the ancient wisdom to those of us who are awake and responsible enough to create a new reality, for those of us who are ready to bring Spirit into matter.
We will be creating new realities with a belief that if we set a pure intention from the heart the energy of that intention can create miracles and that with this ancient wisdom we will be co-creating these new energies into reality.
I have not just “visualized” but I have also “experienced” how we are entering a new phase for humanity………a time where we return to our true Selves. AND this new state of awareness has integrated to become who I am
As humanity awakens a third civilisation is beginning and all the esoteric teachings have led us to this point in time, a time that opens us to the knowledge that we are an exact duplicate of the Universe………….that all things contained in the Universe exist in every cell of the human body/ the God Self or the higher essence of man. In all of us is buried the seed of what we call “God”…the divine essence that holds the key to the very nature of life………… order for us to be able to bring all this “heaven” to “earth”…………………humans will need to have spiritual intelligence

What is Spiritual Intelligence?
Spiritual intelligence forms a trilogy with EI and IQ , AND will be a prerequisite for human evolution into a new age
Therefore to survive in this new dynamic changing world we will need to have Spiritual Intelligence. That is we must have our intellectual intelligence (left brain) and emotional intelligence (right brain) balanced and working together as ONE
Spiritual Intelligence is not just a concept nor is it just a philosophy. S. I. Is a state of BEING after having aligned our 2 ego selves into “ONE”.

During our Holistequine Equine Assisted Life Coaching sessions we are continually learning more about the significance of balancing left and right brain by using the principals of polarities. By using this model we view left and right brain as symbolic of duality and see that once we integrate the WHOLE BRAIN we integrate all our dualities. We merge all our conflicts, programs and negative thinking which have been stored for eons of time in our collective subconscious minds ………..our once polarised hemispheres then march to the same drummer and we have harmony and coherence. Most importantly we have raised our vibration to match the Spiritual or Universal Intelligence that is Unconditional Love.
The knowledge gained through my many years of study into Metaphysics, ancient teachings and all things esoteric have now come back into the light. With this new handover we will have the responsibility of grounding new knowledge. It will come as insights as to how to bring the energy of heaven into earth however to successfully receive this information we will need to realign our personal vibration.
Our goal for the future is to help bring Spirit into matter and to do this at a practical level we need the new tool of SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE
As we walk our truth in this new world S.I will become more than just a concept it will become recognised as a tangible contributing factor to our overall wellbeing. Just as IQ and more recently emotional intelligence is recognised so too spiritual intelligence will be seen as a prerequisite not only to health wealth, happiness but also to UNIVERSAL WISDOM
“Spiritual Intelligence………..the tools for a new world” WILL BE THE ONLY THEME FOR OUR Equine Life Coaching 2013 WORKSHOPS
Holistequine is a more evolved form of Equine Assisted Therapy and Equine Assisted Learning.

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Horse……………the Ultimate Mindset Coach

It is often said that we can fool other humans but we cannot fool a horse. It is for this reason that we work with horses in this specialised field of personal development. During a session our horse mentor puts the client through their paces where they are then able to go within and “raise the bar” in revealing and authenticating their potential
Horses make the ultimate life coaches because is the quickest way to get to the heart of a “solution”, to briefly see the real underlying cause of why our life might not be working for us and then focus our energy solely on the creating a result.
Our EALC horses see past all our excuses, lack of self worth and put us back in touch with the “real us” reconnecting us to our Spirit that lives beneath all our doubts, insecurities and fears
It is so much easier to trust animals because animals never judge us and while they give us unconditional love at all times they also give us the honest feedback that we need to re-evaluate where we might be “off track”.
Another reason we work with horses in Life Coaching is because they are pure channels, unaffected by any emotional baggage…..they don’t buy into guilt or mistrust , they just reflect their pure Spirit and their strengths back to us so that we have nowhere else to go but to claim ours
If we want to achieve our goals in life then our motivation and enthusiasm must be strong enough to be the driving force to make it happen………this is where the Holistequine horses come in, because as we interact with them they not only reflect back to us where our weaknesses are and where our “motivation” might be lacking but they can also show us when our goals are not congruent with our higher purpose in life or in other words ……….if we are aiming too low
Our Holistequine life coaching horses are only concerned about “where we are going”, and not where we have been and because they don’t threaten us by pressing our emotional buttons we are open to what the horses are “telling us”
When we are ready to have our true spiritual potential revealed we turn to the horse

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“Walking the Talk” ……. Trusting our Higher Self

2 day Workshop October 27th & 28th

“Walking the talk” …….  Trusting our Higher Self communication to provide the tools for the Transition.

The Holistequine October and November workshops will lead us into our December Event. ‘Awakening to the Devine Feminine”  

“We will work with the energy of this full Sagit­tar­ius moon in Taurus which is a total lunar eclipse. The eso­teric sym­bol­ism of the total lunar eclipse is that the form, or the phys­i­cal, emo­tional and lower mind, is eclipsed by the light of the Sun, the Soul, or True Self”.

November 24th & 25th ……….Walking our truth to create a new reality

If our life is not going to plan it is often because we are unknowingly sabotaging our efforts with old programs and beliefs from the past……..our Holistequine life coaching horse “reads” this “information” sitting in our subconscious mind, and as we too then see it as “energy” we stop taking it personally and easily clear it…..we then just need is to be shown how to develop good communication skills, the basis for all successful relationships.

 When we appreciate that about 90% of the way we interact with others is through NON verbal communication then it is obvious we need to find better tools if we want to be happy. This especially applies to relationships between men and women, here our horses teach us to respect the differences between the male and female brain and we learn to detach from our emotions.

Without realising it we are all sensitive to these non verbal “cues” from others, for example we may “feel” anger or frustration coming across from someone but because it sits unexpressed within their “energy field”  and they may be “saying” something else we confused and don’t know how to deal with it

This subconscious language includes facial expressions, tone of voice, posture etc and represents the true feeling, intention and sincerity of a person i.e. the cues we really respond to…believing not so much with what people say.

When we introduce these new skills ourselves we are then on the front foot to avoid confrontation, we know what the other person is really communicating and as a result we build better relationships generally.

The Holistequine horses show us that the key to success is to balance the head with the heart, logic with unconditional love

It is not always easy to “say what we mean and mean what we say”, to be 100% confident that what we “want to get across” is going to be “heard” by others in a positive way and not misinterpreted as something else. Conflicts arise because we all “interpret” words differently through our own personal emotional filters.

Horses are masters of non verbal communication; they need these skills to survive. They demonstrate clearly how we too can trust this new way of “walking our higher truth”, feeling safe in the knowledge that we have “expressed ourselves” with the right amount of love AND authority….knowing that we have imparted our needs through our new internal Self worth and that our point of view is respected.

Our problem goes as we clean our own “emotional slate” and learn to communicate through our right brain. This Higher Self OR intuitive brain that IS NON verbal communication has taken stock of the big picture and gets its point across after taking into account everyone’s highest good. She is then able to speaks her truth through the powerful energy field of “who she is”

In our November workshop the horses go on to show us how to balance our internal masculine and feminine energy and how in doing this we can communicate with our own Spirit and begin to create our own reality.


Cost………..I day $150.00, 2 day $275 (lunch provided)

Private sessions also available or Ph 07 5442 5353 Mob 0434 314 811

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The Tools for Self trust

 Harnessing the effects of the Libra full moon in Aries………Sept 30th

 Under this influence we tune in to a different frequency. “Where we let go of things that are not working and move into creating solutions that will ultimately help to co-create our new Reality”

 “Running from one end of the see-saw to the other to get the balance between Spirit and Matter”

 Full Moon conjunct Uranus …………shining light into unexpected corners. Time to haul out our patience and tolerance because we’ll probably need them in the aftermath of this tumultuous lunation!………………….“Are your one-on-one relationships fair and equitable? Is compromise an integral part of them? Do you treat one another with respect? Seventh house relationships included all committed relationships such as business partners, lifelong best friends, counsellors or open enemies/worthy adversaries. If any of those relationships come up short, we may be in the process of ending these too”

 However to enjoy successful relationships it all begins with the relationship we have with ourselves AND IF OUR EGO COMES UP SHORT BY LIVING IN FEAR AND CONTROL THEN IT TOO MUST END!!

This “local’ Astrological interpretation to me ties in with the Mayan end times and also with the last 2 full moons which were about aligning the 2 Selves as ONE…..integration the lower self into the higher Self…..releasing the emotions into Unconditional Love.

We will only be able to walk this new reality with these 2 aligned and we will be tested every day as our insights get more subtle.

The emotional and unconditional love that we seemingly only shared with family and close friends we now will share with the world in the human family. As the vibration of the Earth is raised and we too raise our personal vibration then we will (as mentioned above) need to let go of those relationships/people that “come up short”

Women hold the Magnetic Earth energy while the males hold the Electro Heaven energy (this is both symbolised in “as above so below” and internally and externally. In other words how we treat our external “male” is a mirror of our own inner unconditional Love and vice versa ……………….the relationship we have with ourselves is the relationship we have with ALL there is No separation

“Our rebirth into Light always requires the redemption of the lower self by the Higher. It is the ~Journey Home~”


When we say Self trust which Self are we referring to?

The ego is dying

As the heart chakra opens we will release all the pain lodged in our genetic line or DNA, all the negative programming that like a blanket we have worn over us and are now trying to lift off. We have been doing a journey on the planet to see how to do things by “seeing how NOT to do them”………… discover the light through our perceived darkness. This is all now lifting and the challenge will not be in dying but in living our potential as death has merely been another vibration or entity to work through…a way off the planet as our spirit gets weary

If we look at the 2 polarities as heaven/earth, male female, electro/magnetic then we see that as the internal ‘war” rages it has also been projected externally too. As Universal beings we were all connected in higher consciousness by unconditional love however as we descended into a 3rd dimensional reality to explore yin/yang elements we had SEPARATION.

There has been much anger and misunderstanding between the masculine and feminine, men and women…………………..SHE felt abandoned and HE felt abandoned and the pain was shared by all

We are now going BACK into our original state of consciousness and the wounds are healing

Over the past few weeks we have gained an understanding of how our duality affects our interaction with others and how there appeared to be a separation between our higher and lower self. As we became aware of this we then ask the question…which self will we trust for the future the earth based self who judges it’s self by human standards as it seemingly fumbles it’s way on life’s path as it learns OR the higher intuitive self waiting in the higher dimensions to guide us? The answer is BOTH because as we heal the Earth Self we become ONE with our higher Self. As we open ourselves to this new energy by osmosis we evolve

The major breakthrough for me these past few weeks is to see what merging the duality means in real terms…..The Mother (human and Earth) loves her children regardless however BOTH now have to see the need to overcome the part that spits and bites and evolve that part of our nature into unconditional Love…she can no longer wear the rose coloured glasses.

Awakening means that as we take off these glasses we will see more and more of what needs to be done. The challenge is not to keep going back into judgement and self blame of not good enough……that’s just our ego still wanting to be centre of attention

There IS only one state of being and that is unconditional Love and we have come to Earth to overcome our ego/ human nature by bringing both “selves” into alignment with the cosmic/ Universal principals.

The end times will mean SHE can no longer tolerate anger, guilt, etc in fact all emotions ideally are being transformed into Unconditional love by this incoming energy. There will be NO more projecting our own failing onto others…the love will become SO great that we no longer feel a need to blame and hurt others….we TRUST in our higher SELF enough to know we are safe

We embody Self Trust when our Higher Self is in the driver’s seat being guided by our logical left brain or earth based self in the passenger’s seat. Both will command equal respect and equal input on our new path ahead….this also represents the journey of males and females… complement each other as EQUAL opposites

This incoming energy is set to align these 2 aspects of “Self” and will build until we reach “end time” when we will have the handing over to the Devine feminine and be guided by Universal knowledge

“Heaven on Earth”

For those of us willing to work with this energy the integration of these 2 realities should be relatively easy and I have already had a glimpse of what to expect once the hand over takes place. We will live in harmony with the earth and because we have each worked so hard to raise our vibration to align with the cosmos we will each be guided to our individual roles in this new Earth policy.

Holistequine Equine Assisted Life Coaching (a variation of Equine Assisted therapy) works with horses to raise the vibration so as to “awaken” our highest potential

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The Equal – Ark January Intensive

Every event in our lives is a stepping stone on our journey through life and provides us with an opportunity for our own personal growth.

I recently had the honour of meeting three of the staff from the Equestrian Federation of Singapore who were here for the Holistequine EALC training intensive. For me it was a week of realisations, insights and sowing the seeds for new beginnings for Holistequine.

Katie, Erika and Jill were a joy to teach and from the moment they arrived it was like greeting old friends……I hope they got as much out of their time here as I did.

The girls work for EQUAL-ARK, a new initiative of the Singapore Government. Their special school has an Equine Assisted Learning Programme specially designed to help children who are considered to be ‘at-risk’.  These children come from disadvantaged families or face a range of challenges that puts them at risk of developing social and behavioural problems.

The programme is designed to boost the children’s inter-personal skills as well as their general self-esteem through a specialized range of horse-related activities.

…………..”The programme is comprised of three main components: stable managementriding and horse therapy.

While these three components are separate, they share a unified goal, which is to stimulate and develop the child’s innate sense of companionship, empathy, responsibility, confidence and effective teamwork.

The schools 16 week programme effectively builds and consolidates the children’s new “horsemanship” skills, until the participants (many of whom initially exhibited deep fear of the horses,) can confidently groom, tack, and ride, as well as manage and direct the ponies in an open arena.

Having experienced this wide range of unique, profound and often very happy interactions with the horses, the students may be more likely to extend these positive emotions to their relationships with people.”

As a teacher I also gain personal satisfaction and growth with every attendee, client and E.A.L.C. session and I am humbled by the amazing people I meet through these programs.

I would like to thank the girls for the lessons I learnt……….

That if we stand back and be more trusting of our fellow humans we allow each person’s inner wisdom to guide them…….thank you Erika

That when we trust in nature and the animals we create a loving environment in which to learn…… and, magic happens

To see through to the goodness in people’s hearts and to understand that when the intention is pure people can move through their individual differences and personal baggage to achieve greatness for their common cause….thank you Jill, Erika and Katie


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